2 Crucial Reasons Why Video Is The King of Content

I am a lover of the visual medium. As a graphic designer, I enjoy seeing great visuals and designing work that others will enjoy. When you are trying to tell your story, you want to create content that attracts the right eyes and inspires the owners of those eyes to share your content. Video content is the best way to accomplish your goals.

“Any cause’s expansion has to do with the right creative in the right medium.”
— Gary Vaynerchuk (The #AskGaryVee Show 196)

Movement Attracts Eyes

When you are scrolling through your feed and you see a video start, you stop. Even if it is just momentarily, your interest is piqued. Your interest is piqued because movement attracts eyes. Video is an increasingly higher percentage of internet traffic because it is the most popular way to gain information and be entertained. When you don’t know how to do something, a lot of us (if not all) will search “How To…” on YouTube. We want to see how things are done visually and be taken through the process step by step (day by day). When there is a highly anticipated movie or television show coming soon, we salivate over every trailer. Services like Apple FaceTime and Google Hangout allow us to have conversations with friends and family while also seeing them and their mannerisms. We yearn to see, know, and experience as much as possible. Create content that provides the most comprehensive experience of you and your story in the format we crave.

Pictures Capture A Moment, Video Captures A Journey

Every video, no matter the length, takes you on a journey. Through video you can tell the history, report on the present, and provide a clear vision of the future. Much of the content I suggest for non-profits looking to fundraise and recruit surround utilizing the power of video. Instead of trying to stuff everything into one image, you can craft a video that guides and informs your target audience. The characters, the stories, and the emotions that you can weave into a video can be magnificent tools in your treasure trove. Think about the characters you immediately recognize from commercials you see a lot — Flo from Progressive, The Most Interesting Man In The World (Dos Equis). Characters like these become a part of popular culture because of the short shories they are a part of and the company’s multimedia execution. If you can get people to become invested in your journey, it makes it much easier to create ambassadors for your brand. Featuring video within your marketing strategy, gives you the best chance to engage your current audience and attract a new one.