Branding Design

Designing the Kid Cudi Meditation App Logo


By definition, meditation is the act of engaging in contemplation or reflection. It’s a way to achieve calm and clarity. There are many classes and mobile apps surrounding the practice of meditation but I believe have the app idea that could surf over them all. I present to you the app that will allow your mind to go from rager to free – The Cudi App.

Kid Cudi hums are some of the best, if not THE best, in the business. Cudi has the unique ability to take your mind up, up, and away on the pursuit of happiness. It seemed like a pretty organic idea for Cudi to have a meditation app. It also seemed like a fun project to work on as a logo/brand designer such as myself.

Kid Cudi and one of the ‘C’ hats

We start as most projects start for me: in my sketchbook. Thinking about Kid Cudi, I immediately think about the letter C. This letter is important not just for “Cudi” but for his Cleveland hats with the C prominently featured. Cudi was born in Cleveland, Ohio so the C carries multiple meanings in the design. I played with various Cs using the grid paper in my composition book, trying to see what matched the frequency I was feeling for the project.

Another element I played with was the astronaut helmet. Cudi’s first two albums, the Man on the Moon series, his EP Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon, as well as other songs he’s released set the mood of space. I drew a simplified version of the space helmet with the goal of being able to put it inside the C. I wanted to play with negative space to complete the helmet image within. I also tried to sneak a K in the flare on the face of the helmet.

After the main logo was created, then the fun of creating mockups and fleshing out the brand identity I had in my dreams.

This is the latest example of me not allowing an idea to just stay in my head. Practicing and playing through graphic design, day and night, is a favorite pastime of mine. Also, as a fan of the Kid Cudi catalog, it was cool to see how I could interpret such an idea visually.

The End.


P.S. Extra points for knowing how many Kid Cudi song references I snuck into this post by design.