Why Every True Fitness Professional Needs (At Least) A Well Crafted Logo

Succeeding in any crowded market means bringing something unique to the table. Instagram is littered with self-proclaimed fitness and health experts promising to have the solution. You need more than pictures of your perfect abs and muscles to create a new, memorable brand.

Ask yourself why you are training and why anyone else should consider you an expert (or even pay you any attention). Have a logo designed that properly represents your personal or company brand. The logo serves as your beacon as well as your stamp. If you are putting out video content (which you should), the logo can serve as your opening and your closing. It legitimizes that particular piece of content as being authentically you. When your content is shared because of how much it has positively impacted its viewers, would it not be nice to have your logo, your stamp spreading across the internet.

Fitness Blender is a great example of attaching their great work with great, consistent visuals and the ending logo tag.

Speaking of spreading, having visual brand assets gives you tools to promote yourself and what you do. Imagine satisfied clients wearing apparel with your distinguishing mark. When people ask about their shirt or hat, it leads to a story. The level of passion with which they speak about you will be a result of your work with them. The shirt itself serves as visual marketing as well as evidence that someone is an ambassador for your brand, willing to wear your mark. Your insignia could be seen on shirts, hats, water bottles, ebooks, and more.

BSE Vehicle Wrap design

Bratcher Sports + Education drives the point home with this vehicle wrap. Designed by me.

BSE vehicle wrap car

A well put together visual brand will amplify your purpose, your message, and your personality. People are attracted to people. Your image matters. The way you present yourself to potential clients (on and offline) matters! Your website will serve as your hub for all necessary information. Your logo is the connector across all platforms (and products) and the center of your visual identity. Taking the time to shape your identity and master your marketing is a sound investment. Firmly and intelligently establish yourself in the fitness and health marketplace.

The combination of your skills/work and an appealing brand image can be a powerful one, if you invest the effort. What makes you special? Are you worth the effort?