Content Creation

The Power of the Niche Down

When I first started trying to be a freelance graphic designer in 2009, I tried to claim to be a graphic & web designer. I had yet to discover the wide range of different (and specific) applications for graphic design. I also had yet to discover that I much rather spend time working on someone’s logo or brand identity than wrestling with HTML and CSS for extended periods of time. (Salute to all those superstars who specialize in web development.)

Specialists are easier to remember. It’s also easier to dominate a specific area of expertise than try to be a jack-of-all-trades. Being “the logo person”, for example, means making a connection between logos and you in the mind of the public. When people think logo design, your name will immediately come up. Your ship will stand out in the sea of graphic designers setting sail. Also, focusing on the area of design you are most passionate about means maximizing your potential in that field.

It may seem limiting to dedicate yourself to one discipline, topic, etc. But those limits can produce a level of creativity you would have never tapped into otherwise.

I have friends who desire to take on creative pursuits such as starting blogs and businesses. I try to get them to focus as much as possible on as few things as possible. We are human so we each have many things we want to accomplish. However, trying to do them all at once will result in none of them getting done.

Your target audience can’t be EVERYONE. Niche down.

Once you discover your particular niche, you can deploy your unique advantage in whatever market you inhabit. It’s much easier to attract the right people, when you have a proper handle on who you are and what you want to be known for. Once you niche down, it is also easier to tailor your content to your audience. The further down the rabbit hole you go, the less competition you have. There are a lot of people doing generic things. Own your place in the world through content that deeply impacts those within your sphere of influence.

Keep it simple. Keep it focused.