Branding Design

Case Study: The Obama-Biden Podcast Logo

The Great American Bromance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden deserves a podcast and I believe I have the logo it needs. The parade of memes and captured moments between these two has provided us with much entertainment and joy for 8 years. As their time in The White House came to an end, I had the idea to create the branding for the podcast that we need in our lives.

In a time where everyone and everything has a podcast, I think this one would be a welcome addition. The inspiration for the podcast logo was the Obama logo. The flagship symbol of Barack Obama’s campaign and presidency is a mighty fine piece of design. As Barack Obama transitions from President of the United States to private citizen, this logo transitions with him as the Obama Foundation symbol. So knowing that, I wanted the podcast branding to reference that iconic symbol while also being something new.

After sketching out a few ideas, I fired up Adobe Illustrator and created the O. Instead of the flag on the bottom half, I drew a lightning bolt / sharp wave line. The sharp wave line represents the sound waves of an audio podcast. The B was created to complement the O as Biden complements Obama. The illustrated O is also drawn to seem to be moving forward towards completing an overall puzzle of friendship.

The main colors selected are also a reference to the original Obama campaign logo colors. The font choice was Trajan Pro, which is an all-caps typeface. The colors and typography, together with the main logo design, are used in my presentation of the overall brand concept.

My Obama-Biden Podcast logo is one of MANY designs that started with me thinking “It would be cool if…”. Creating your own projects is a great way to practice, learn, and express.

Make the things you want to see and share those things with the world.