Content Creation

How To Create Your Own Video Show With A Production Schedule

Creating a production schedule means understanding all the elements that go into your videos. During each step of the journey, you accomplish something that gets you closer to uploading something worthwhile.

Here’s how I break down my attempt at making videos.

  • Idea/Topic
  • Research & Writing
  • Storyboard
  • Assets Needed
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Rendering
  • Uploading
  • Promote

Every video should start with you deciding what you want to share, teach, or discuss. Next, you should do the research required to communicate your thoughts well and write a script/outline, if necessary. For example, like with my blogs, I usually will do a mind map. From the initial idea or topic, I will break it down into various parts that represent my particular thoughts on that subject. For video, it often times helps to also storyboard a little bit. It helps me visualize how I want the video to flow visually.

Establishing this foundation first makes everything else easier because you have a focus set. You know what you want to do and now can concentrate on executing on your concept. During the storyboard phase, I will note what things I will need to design, film, or record. Making a list of all the photos, video clips, and footage you’ll need will make life easier. It’s all about knowing what you are looking for ahead of time so you aren’t wasting time. Collecting all the assets you need, which may include filming video or recording audio, under one folder makes importing into Adobe Premiere a quicker process.

I use Adobe Premiere for my video editing. I usually create a new folder and import all the assets collected at once. In Premiere, I edit and then render to my preferred specifications. After that,¬†I’ll upload to my YouTube channel and promote throughout my social media.

Knowing all of that, it’s best to put together a production schedule that works for you (and won’t have you trying to go from idea to completion in a single day – like I have way too many times). Break each step down and spread across an appropriate length of time.

For example:

Day 1 – Come Up With An Idea or Topic
Day 2 – Research & Write on Topic
Day 3 – Storyboard
Day 4 & 5 – Collect and/or Create Assets
Day 6 & 7 – Edit & Render Video
Day 7/8 – Upload & Promote

This could be a sample schedule you use. Once you’ve determined¬†how long you’ll take to make a video, schedule backwards from whenever you want to release the video.

If you want to release a video on Sunday…

Sunday – Upload & Promote
Saturday – Edit & Render
Thursday & Friday – Collect and/or Create Assets
Wednesday – Storyboard
Tuesday – Research & Write
Monday – Come Up With Idea

I’m still working to be more consistent on my own production schedule. But it makes it much easier to accomplish your ideal process when you have one to stick to.