Behind The Real Love Logo Concept

#TheCreativeBobbieHot100, my 100 Day Project where I turn songs I like into logos, has produced some very interesting results. Coming up with the concept I want to create is a process in and of itself.

“Real Love” by Mary J. Blige is an outstanding, classic track. When thinking about how I could visually represent it, I thought about the name and the lyrics.

Real love, I’m searching for a real love

So, when I thought about searching, I thought about binoculars. In Adobe Illustrator, I started to create the base shape for binoculars. Instead of trying to use the pen tool for the entire thing, I used circles within the design. I overlapped the circles and used the pen tool to connect them. With the lens, I made it in the shape of a heart, the universal symbol of love. I finished the left side, copied the shape, reflected the copy, and placed it on the right side before connecting the paths. Symmetry is my friend in situations like these.

Watch the process here:


Full series can be viewed here