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How & Why I’m Turning Songs Into Logo Designs

Since deciding to take on The 100 Day Project for another year, I’ve made 35 logos representing 35 songs that I love. #TheCreativeBobbieHot100 has been incredibly fun to make. My Instagram is looking really nice nowadays and translating songs to logos has been a very rewarding creative practice.

At the start of the project, I designed the template I wanted to use so all my entries would be a proper set. The 100 logo is in the bottom right corner of every post with the song title and artist(s) name(s) written in the bottom left corner. I used a grid to make sure I place the logo within certain parameters in the center.

I usually think of songs that have very visual names or inspire a visual I can come up with and play with in Adobe Illustrator. While in Illustrator, I’ll have the song playing on repeat in the background. I often use music to set the mood for whatever project I’m working on anyway.

Here’s a sample of the most popular ones thus far:

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All of the logos are collected here: