My “Resurrection” of the Super Bowl Logo

NFL Super Bowl

I love logos. I love sports. The results from the intersection of these two passions usually makes me very happy. In particular, I loved the Super Bowl logos of the past that gave each year’s game a particular personality and mark. Starting with Super Bowl XLV (2011), the NFL decided to standardize the Super Bowl game logo so that only certain elements changed.

I was not a fan of this decision. Not that the logos since then haven’t been well designed. It’s just that I’ve always been excited to see just how different the biggest football game in the country would be branded from year to year. Look at this great (mostly) history of design for the big game!

Source: SportsLogos.Net

I love seeing this display of visual history and evolution of the game’s branding. But, for me, it was very apparent where the personality ended and the standardization begun. It’s a pretty sharp change from 2010 and back to 2011 to the present. The great Todd Radom wrote an excellent article declaring the ‘death of the Super Bowl logo’, which I found timely as I had started this project to resurrect the old tradition!

Not saying I am the savior of the Super Bowl logo. Just a designer who wanted to make a tribute to the logos of the past.

In the latest episode of CreativeBobbieTV, I break down the passion project and show off the newest entry.


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