Branding Lessons

What is Touch of Gold IG.TV and Why Did I Start It?

On my Instagram, I post daily* episodes of “Touch of Gold IG.TV”. I was empowered by Instagram’s decision to extended the length of video uploads from 15 to 60 seconds and inspired to take full advantage with an Instagram video show.

Topics I’ve touched (hehe) on include (but are not limited to):
– Creating visual brand identities
– How to create a video show for your brand
– Reason to create sitemaps before designing websites
– The importance of sketching in creating logos

Touch of Gold IG.TV is a deposit I’m making into the creative community.

It is an extension of this blog and my personal brand. I create these 1 minute or less branded videos to help and to also teach by example. Iterating in public helps you as well as those who consume your content. I’ve written about the importance of utilizing video to spread your message so why wouldn’t I practice what I preach. I want to maximize my impact within the realm of my purpose.

Your actions you take can influence those who are watching you. The more consistent work you put in, the better you will get at what you are practicing. Build that body of work and gain that experience. I hope to provide helpful content in the most consumable ways.

I’m planning on getting to 100 episodes. Follow my journey and other design related content I’m producing here.


*daily-ish (but I’m doing better now. actual daily.)