Branding Lessons

What Happens When You Create Awesome Brand Ambassadors

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who, through their words and actions, is a living testimony to the greatness of your brand. They are your allies in the world. Whether they are on your payroll or are just satisfied patrons, they are crucial in spreading the good word about what your brand does.

What do they do?

Word of mouth is important. It can be what starts a person on the path to being a new customer, donor, volunteer, or fan.

Take institutions of higher learning, for example. Colleges and universities want their students to go on and do great things after graduation. Their post-grad success increases the profile of the institution. If graduates speak highly of their college experience and attribute their success, in any way, to that school, the institution wins. If the graduate moves far away, they take their testimony with them. A new market will have a graduate from that school in their midst. More people will be aware of the school and its positive effects.

Notable alumni are a powerful tool in any school’s marketing efforts. Potential students look to the alumni as examples of what they could become. Those brand ambassadors are inspirations. They are the products of that school. Businesses want to sell their products. Schools want you to become a product of theirs, benefitting from their educational offerings.

How are they created?

Fruitful and pleasant experiences with your brand will create brand ambassadors. This is why is it important to invest in every aspect of branding. As I have discussed before, your logo can either be a symbol of failure or a beacon drawing others toward a worthwhile experience. Positive experiences empower your brand ambassadors to share those experiences with the world, which increase the range of your impact.

How do you utilize them?

Make sure you integrate those who have benefitted from your product or service in your storytelling. Showcase their stories in relation to your brand as examples of what you can do for others. Provide them with opportunities to share their experiences with people you’re trying to reach. Highlight their successes in your marketing materials. Also, make sure you maintain your relationship with them. Stay in contact and make sure they feel valued. People are more likely to sing your praises when they believe in the brand.

Be mindful of what you do, why, and for who. Your brand identity will travel, visually and otherwise.