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Everyone & Their Brother Podcast’s 100th Episode Logo

The Everyone and Their Brother podcast is where four (give or take) brothers at the family dinner table having a meeting of the minds about everything from pop culture, food, news, & more. This fun and hilarious podcast I’m a part of is celebrating 100 EPISODES! Reaching 100 episodes is an achievement deserving of celebration. Being the graphic designer of the group, I designed a logo for the milestone.

When I designed the 50th episode special logo, I couldn’t even fathom that we had reached that milestone. Having 100 episodes under our belt warranted a special logo to promote our achievement in podcasting. I started with seeing how I could stylize the number 100. The podcast logo could maybe work within one of the zeroes. I ultimately decided against that in favor of a square table with four corners representing the four hosts. The 100th anniversary stone is a diamond so I decided to rotate the square to make a four sided diamond shape for the occasion.

I took the gold from the brand and had it shine throughout the design. I used various shades so that the overall color would be right but also readable. “EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER” is written all around each level of the diamond badge. The 100 is prominently placed in the middle and the podcast logo is at the top and bottom. It took a lot of tweaks with the shapes and colors to get it right enough to unveil to the brothers and eventually the world. 

Live during the 100th episode is when I revealed it to them for the first time. Ultimately, I am very pleased with how it turned out and reception is received from my fellow co-hosts. From our humble podcasting beginnings to 100 episodes of brotherhood on full display, this has been quite the journey. Excited to see what the future holds for the content we create together.

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