Branding Design

How To Brand Fantasy Football Teams

When fantasy football meets the Everyone & Their Brother podcast, creativity (and hilarity) will ensue. For the unfamiliar, the Everyone & Their Brother (EATB) podcast is where William, Sam, TJ, and myself invite you to our “family dinner table experience”. We discuss a wide variety of topics. On episodes 93 & 94 of the podcast, we participated in a 2 round fantasy football draft where we selected only fictional characters to play on our teams. On episode 96, we pitched our team’s name and brand. I took our visions and designed logos and helmets for each of our teams.

I’ll start with my team. The name is inspired by two major facts: 1) my team has a good number of characters from the Marvel Comics Universe and 2) my linebacker Bobby Boucher, Jr. is an alum from the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. My team is named The Marvelous Mr. Mud Dogs. The name and text visuals are a parody of sorts of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel brand. As far as the other elements, I drew a silhouette illustration of a bulldog to serve as my icon. The alternate logo is a crest in the shape of a jeweled dog collar with a marvelous M in the bottom middle. The helmet uses the iconic dog as its emblem.

William’s team, with Rick Sanchez as his QB1 and Megatron (not Calvin Johnson, the actual Transformers villain Megatron) as his wide receiver, is named the Gotham City Gadgets. He felt his team would run a lot of trick plays (also known as gadget plays). The Gotham City Gadgets logo is in the shape of a gear. Within the name, you see two lightning bolts anchored on either side representing the spark of ingenuity. The football is in the center with symbols representing a circuit diagram, representing gadgetry. For the helmet, I removed the text and focused in on the vibrant, energetic icon on a white helmet so the logo would pop.

Sam’s team, the Dillon Black Panthers, takes its inspiration from the Dillon Panthers of Friday Night Lights fame but aims to improve upon their branding. With Vince Howard/Killmonger at QB1, the brand needed to be strong and powerful. The first image that came to mind was the Black Panther necklace design. The logo has that necklace wrapping around the strong letter D. The gold trim references the gold trim seen in Killmonger’s version of the Black Panther suit when he took the throne of Wakanda. The helmet has a simplified version of the logo on silver. The gold trim could be on an alternate version of the helmet or the facemask in the future.

TJ’s team, the West Coast Thunder & Lightning, presented an interesting challenge. The way he described his vision on the podcast ‘twas pretty elaborate but I think I came to satisfactory design. West Coast has a thunderous deity-like figure with a lightning bow & arrow with the electric blue radiating from them both. The “THUNDER & LIGHTNING” text needed to be prominent in thick black text with the “WEST COAST” fitting in on the top. The helmet utilizes the electric blue with the one-color version of the logo on it.

Designing for our National Fictional League was a chance to practice the sports design muscle. Turning people’s vision to design reality is one of my favorite things in the world and why I do what I do. Be sure to listen & subscribe to the Everyone & Their Brother podcast.