What I Want For My Friends In The Time of Opportunity

I firmly believe that each of us were put onto this Earth to deposit something into this world that will improve it. We each have the potential to do something, create something for the betterment of others. The indescribable uniqueness of you is the special sauce, that secret ingredient that we all benefit from seeing expressed. This is your mission. This is our mission.

I want each of my friends to tap into their reservoir of creativity and birth new beauty. Creativity improves the lives of artists, business owners, chefs, dancers, educators, engineers, fitness trainers, health professionals, musicians, writers, and more. Whether it’s your day job or your side hustle, I want to see you maximize your creative output. Do the thing! That idea you’ve been unsure about, the company or nonprofit you want to start, that book you want to write, and that podcast you want to start all deserve to see the light of day. It doesn’t matter what your field of expertise is. Your lessons and experiences can teach someone else.

At the end of my YouTube videos (when I remember to do so) tell my viewers to “teach as you learn and inspire as you do”. Learning happens by studying but also by doing. With each video, I’m learning how to produce videos, taking a concept from idea to execution to final product. With each new design project I take on, I’m learning how to be a better designer. Don’t wait until you feel that you “know enough” to teach. Teach as you learn your craft. Document and share your journey. No matter where you are in your walk, there is always someone who is behind you that needs your navigation. The by-product of teaching as you learn is establishing yourself as an authority in your desired field. You will also build a legacy of empowerment and influence. Showcase your talents, skills, and passion through teaching as well as doing.

“Inspire as you do” means your actions have the potential to inspire others. Unlocking your potential gives others permission to do the same. Be the example. Be the beacon. People I never knew were even paying attention to me have complimented me on work as Publications Manager & Multimedia Designer, my freelance work, and my passion projects. Not only my work but my story of how I even got to this point in my life and career can serve as an inspiration to some.

You are meant to have an impact. Leave your mark through what you deposit into this world. Whether for fun, for your business, or at work, cultivate your creativity. Learn, try, fail, try again, succeed, teach, repeat. I want to motivate those within my sphere of influence to unlock and unleash their creative ambitions. You never know who’s watching.