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Case Study: Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation Logo

Being asked to design a logo for a new foundation to support your alma mater’s band program is an awesome opportunity. Having the skillset to actually pull off something that fits what’s required is a divine gift I cherish. My life was forever changed by becoming a member of the Blue & Gold Marching Machine in the fall of 2002 as a young freshman. So many friendships were forged and important memories were created. I jump at any opportunity to support the band, especially through my passion for logo design.

The Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation supports the North Carolina A&T University Bands through fundraising efforts. That money helps with scholarships, instrumentation, educational equipment, etc. This logo would be used on all social media, apparel, letterhead, and promotional material. This logo will be pretty much everywhere the Foundation is visible. With that in mind, I knew the logo would need to be something that was immediately recognizable.

I took one of the drum major hats and illustrated it. The crest shape was inspired by the uniform overlays that were worn in the past eras of the band. The love and support of music itself is represented by the treble clef on the drum major hat in the center. The colors blue & gold were selected, for obvious reasons.

Overall, I wanted something that was simple enough to work at various sizes with enough details to be unique and true. I chose the Trajan font for the text because it I found it to be crisp, elegant, and professional. Because of its importance in the lore of the A&T band program, I chose to bold the word LOYALTY. #LOYALTY is a popular hashtag amongst active and alumni band members. We are taught to cherish the concept of loyalty, being faithful in our devotion to the band.

This project was an expression of my unbridled passion for my band and the people who maintain and elevate the North Carolina A&T University Band Program every single day. I love seeing the logo in action and being used to promote this great cause. Discovering the official Facebook page and the official Instagram was a joyful moment in my career and life. Seeing bags being handed out and T-shirts worn branded with the official logo warms my heart. I’m so thankful (1) I could help and (2) that the help I provided has made an impact.


The Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation‘s mission is to develop the A&T Band students by supporting programs that provide community outreach through music opportunities. We cultivate and empower band members through financial support for educational endeavors, musical development and mentorship.

The vision is to provide every student with the highest quality education using music as the catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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[…] The Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation supports the North Carolina A&T University Band Program through fundraising efforts. The Elite 100 is the designation for a select group of donors to the Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation. Supporters were asked to donate $100 and were recognized for their support of the North Carolina A&T State University Band Program. As an alumnus of A&T and the A&T Band, I love providing designs for this cause. I made the official Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation and had an idea for the Elite 100 logo. […]

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