Branding Design

Case Study: 2017 National Convention Visual Brand Identity

Every two years, the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi and the sisters of Tau Beta Sigma come together as national delegations to meet, fellowship, and direct the future of the organizations. Each event has its own identity. It’s one of my responsibilities as Publications Manager to create and present that identity visually. With the 2017 National Convention of Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma to be in Orlando, Florida, I am excited to craft the visual story of this event.


The Origin

The host hotel will be the Buena Vista Palace, which is a Disney World Resort Hotel. When I think of Disney World, I immediately think of the iconic Magic Kingdom. So, I knew I wanted to do something with “magic”. The theme/tagline I came up with was “Celebrate the Magic of Music”. This was used at the end of the location reveal video I made that was played during the 2015 National Convention final joint session.

The Execution

I had the goal of combining the magic of the locale with Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma’s love of band & music. The magician’s hat has 5 curves that leave 4 spaces just as 5 lines leave 4 spaces on a musical staff. The traditional magic wand is replaced with the conductor’s baton, representing leadership in music. The stars surrounding everything add to the overall magic effect. The greek letter version, which will be on the back of the convention shirt, is placed upon a shape that resembles the “Welcome To Orlando” sign. As it was with the 2015 National Convention logo, I wanted it to capture the essence of the place as well as the event itself.


The National Intercollegiate Band (NIB) logo is pretty consistent from convention to convention, with only slight changes that reflect the identity of that year’s convention. So, for the 2017 NIB logo, I simply took some of the stars from the main logos and put them over the ‘I’.


The Presentation

Continuing the tradition I started with my first convention branding project, I put together an official visual brand development presentation for the national leadership of each organization. It breaks down my design decisions and hidden meaning behind certain elements. The document also has mockups for suggested designs for attendee shirts and National Intercollegiate Band participant polos. It gives them the overall concept well in advance so we can all be on the same page visually. This will inform the creation of future event collateral and promotional graphics.


It is not enough to design. You must know how the designs should be applied and be able to explain and justify your decisions with the overall project goal(s) in mind.