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How To Start A Podcast (And Why I Did)

A podcast is an episodic audio programme on a particular topic. The topic of my podcast, RUN THE LAYERS, is simply creativity. On the pod, we are peeling back the layers behind the creativity we see and exhibit while motivating ourselves and others. I want to celebrate and encourage creativity amongst my friends and everyone within my sphere of influence. RUN THE LAYERS with Creative Bobbie (that’s me!) is a platform for me to express myself and, from time-to-time, promote those I know who are using their gifts to deposit a little bit of themselves into the world. Through this project, I also want to continue to learn and grow as a content creator. 

The name and the logo is a graphic designer’s play on Run The Jewels, an outstanding rap group consisting of Killer Mike and El-P. I thought Run The Layers was a cool name and play on things and wanted to use it for something. Instead of the hand, I have the pen tool that I used A LOT in Adobe Illustrator. The hand holding the chain on the other side is replaced with a hand holding the various layers it takes to create a single piece. These layers are usually layers I forget to name which causes me unnecessary headaches on larger pieces. I initially was using Run The Layers as a name for my first long video series on my Facebook and YouTube channels. In this iteration, it’s my podcast complete with its own Instagram account for promotion. On that IG account, I even started an Instagram exclusive series called “Behind The Layers” that simply shares how I go from sketch/idea to full design.

The process of producing an episode is surprisingly straightforward. For episodes with a guest, I reach and schedule a time to interview them. Before the interview, I sent them 6 questions for them to think about and prepare for. For right now, the following questions are the backbone of the podcast:

  1. What does creativity mean to you?
  2. How are you using it in your life?
  3. What is your favorite creation by someone else?
  4. What is your favorite creation by you?
  5. What is something you’ve wanted to create but haven’t yet?
  6. What is stopping you from doing it?

I use Zoom to have and record our 1-on-1 virtual conversation. There are no time limits for 1-on-1 conversations on the free version of Zoom. It also allows me to schedule the Zoom meeting in advance and produce a link they can just click on when it’s time. I also have the voice recorder on my phone recording the conversation as a local backup. Once we are done, I end the call and the Zoom recording converts and saves the files. Zoom saves the complete video file as well as an audio only file. I use those files to edit (audio + video). For audio, I use either Audacity or Adobe Audition. For video, I use Adobe Premiere Pro. I then upload my audio file onto my Anchor profile. After I fill out the episode information and show notes, I upload the complete episode and Anchor distributes it out to the various podcast platforms for people to enjoy.

This project is another example of me “doing the thing”. The thing is the idea that pops into my head that I think is cool but I’m not sure if I can pull off. Pursue your ideas with gusto! You’ll never know how it will go until you try. I’m excited for the future of the podcast and my continued improvement in the content creation space. You can find RUN THE LAYERS with Creative Bobbie pretty much on all popular podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc.). Please listen, subscribe, and leave a 5 star review. I appreciate you reading and listening!