The Importance of Knowing Why We Design

This past Thursday, I attended a monthly gathering of AIGA Oklahoma at Bricktown Brewery in Oklahoma City. Each month, they bring in creative people to speak and share their stories and experiences. After each event, I make the drive back to Stillwater inspired, motivated, and thankful I became of member of AIGA. The speakers are great and I get to meet other designers, illustrators, writers, etc. It is important, especially for an introvert like myself, to get out and not be in a bubble (see Bubble Boy episode of Seinfeld – spoiler: doesn’t end well). It’s helps you gain perspective being around others who operate in the creative space.

The latest speaker they brought was Deborah Adler, mastermind behind Target’s award-winning prescription bottle redesign (ClearRx). She spoke passionately about how design can improve the quality of healthcare services and patient experience. Deborah articulated exactly how important design can be in our society. It made me thankful for the skillset I have and reminded me of the power this field wields when motivated by a noble purpose.

Deborah Adler


Go To The Gemba. (“The Real Place”)

Design For The Person.

Share With The World

-Deborah Adler

Design (good and bad) has real life, real world consequences. While art is expressionist and is to be interpreted, design is meant to solve problems. These problems range in importance but all affect our life experience. Design is not just making something look prettier. It plays a crucial role in how we communicate, understand, and learn. From prescription bottles to transportation maps to instruction manuals to street signs and much much more, design is everything. There is not a day that goes by that you don’t interact with something that was designed to play a role in your life.

Clear Rx

I want to inspire positive action through what I do. While I learn how to better accomplish that, I want to teach others what I learn, as I learn. It is important to me to not just design but to design with purpose. Stay true to the north star that guides you. Whatever positive change or growth you want to see in the world, work your particular skillset towards that goal. Having purpose informs decisions. Knowing the purpose behind a brand’s goals helps me better design what they need. The more everyone recognizes the importance of design in our lives, the more we will all benefit from improved quality of life.

Design is the manifestation of our imagination laser focused – solving problems and crafting lasting and positive life experiences.